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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Let's exercise, Daddy!

The Redhead just grabbed the Wii Fit Plus disk and said "Let's exercise, Daddy!"

She's not inherently athletic and, quite frankly, overweight.  Her limited diet doesn't lend itself to fitness despite our best efforts and she often chooses electronics over physical activity.  So, this was a pleasant surprise.

She patiently setup a Wii Fit account and profile, configured her metrics and clicked through all of the many intro screens.

Smiling and happy, she stepped up on the board and went through Yoga, Basic Step, Free Step and Boxing.  She never faltered, even when she was clearly tired, and even started chanting "You. Can. Do. This." with each step while trying to hit 800 steps in 10 minutes.  That was the stated goal.

She made it to 902 instead.  ...and the crowd went wild...

I'm just so very proud of her drive, her will, and her constantly positive spirit.  She never ceases to inspire me...

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