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Monday, April 15, 2013

Princess Class - Performance Day...

So, this is it. The day is here. After several weeks of rehearsal, the moment has finally arrived. 

The Redhead performs today. 

As we are driving to the studio, she seems calm, cool and collected. No nerves, at least not in the back seat. 

Papa Bear can barely drive straight, his hands are numb and cold. Nervous, anxious, excited and fearful. 

I want this to go well for her. I want her to feel that success after the work and anticipation.

This is her first performance where she has lines and sings solo. 

We arrive and head backstage. She goes potty, always important before putting on the costume, and gets into her Princess dress. 

Ariel. My daughter will be playing Ariel. 

I give her a kiss on the forehead and remind her to focus and be loud. She looks me dead in the eye and says "Daddy, audience!" and points to the front of the house. 

Time to let the little bird fly. 

I take my seat and get the camera ready, hoping to keep my hands steady. 

The shows begins. 

The next 45 minutes are a blur, but I remember several important things:

• She was fully engaged. 

• She remembered and spoke all of her lines on cue. 

• She LOVED every moment. 

• I may have cried during her song. 
• She did amazing!

She absolutely lit up the stage and was the focus of every eye. Sometimes because she was smiling at the audience and other times because she was simply adorable and spunky. 

I couldn't be prouder. More importantly, though, is that she was proud of herself. A feeling so rare, so vital that I can't wait to see her shine again.

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