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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Went to the Pediatrician yesterday for my son's checkup. 

My son was very excited to see him because he gets to ask all of his questions. My son talks and talks all the time...complete opposite from my daughter. 

He's also very bossy. So much so that his Teachers call him the Mayor of Pre-School. He directs the other kids in the playground activities and, if they don't follow his orders, he lets them know when they have gone astray from the plan.

Having grown up a bright, aware younger brother in an ASD household, he has mastered DTT and ABA along with a stern but calm voice and follow through.

Of course, we had some serious concerns when we were deciding whether to have a second child as we were already overwhelmed with therapy sessions and such, so we were worried at doubling up.

Would he also be autistic? How well would we manage both?

So many other questions entered our minds as well.

As he grew, we watched him very carefully for any signs. He was highly social, painfully so at times, and didn't have any physical delays. All we saw was an excitable little guy who couldn't sit still for fear of missing the chance at getting attention.

Yesterday, he was diagnosed ADHD.

Not major. Not the same challenge as my daughter. Still...

First thought that came to my mind was "He's the same guy he was before the diagnosis and I love him so much. Little Man, you landed in the right place, because we will do anything we can for you no matter what challenge life presents.".

As weird as it sounds, I was proud of him and myself at that moment. He and I hugged. Hard. I threw him in the air a few times and went for ice cream. Maybe not the most appropriate treat considering the diagnosis, but we needed it.

I carried him to bed last night, kissed his forehead, and whispered "I love you, Buddy" in his ear.

I thought I saw a small smile in the dark. Love that.

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