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I am a road-worn father of an amazing autistic daughter and NT son. I started this blog to provide information, a sounding board and a voice for fathers of autistic children.

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Thursday, March 14, 2013


The Redhead screamed in frustration. A high, loud, piercing sound. 

I turned. The look in my eyes stopped her cold. 

Papa Bear: "Have a seat on your bed."

The Redhead sits. 

I kneel in front of her and she hugs me. We hug in silence for a moment while she looks at the words video behind me. 

Redhead: "A bagel"

PB: "Baby, is it hard to use your words?"

R: "I see a bagel"

PB: "I really want to hear what you have to say. I want to know what you're thinking, what you wish for, what you dream."

R: "A circle"

PB: (Teary-eyed) "I love you so much, Punkin."

I squeeze her once more and start to pull away. She grabs my shoulders and holds me tighter.

R: (Whispers) "Don't ever let go, Daddy."

PB: (Whispering back) "I won't ever let go, baby. I will always be here for you."

R: "Forever and ever..."

PB: "Forever and ever. I love you, baby."

R: "I love you, Daddy"

She let go and started singing along, wordlessly, to the video.

The moment of clarity was gone. I was there, though. I saw it and I will always remember it.

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