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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lost and Found...

A couple of years ago we transferred my daughter to a new school due to safety issues. 

Unfortunately, it meant that her best friend would be left behind. He was always next to her, protective, helping her along as he was better at his words and awareness. 

It was gut wrenching for her to go. 

My wife and I moved recently and found out that his family lives across the street from us. 

Today, the were reunited.

It was so cool. He saw her and yelled "Hi!!". She saw him and gave a squeal.

They ran across the cul-de-sac towards each other with their arms open. They crashed together in a big hug, laughing.

They played for a bit and, at one point, he gently touched her face and said "words...use your words...".

The moment was magical, ethereal and stunning. My heart is still outside my chest...beating hard with joy.

Maybe, just maybe, this is a sign of the future. I hope...

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