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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Advice From The Redhead...

My daughter makes me laugh. A LOT.

Whether it's reaching out and patting my bald head with a sad, little face as if to say "Oh Daddy, your hair ran away...", or when she starts laughing with that beatific, infectious smile and draws you in to her joy, she has the innate ability to peel away your grouchiness and replace it with a warm coat of happiness.

In talking with a lot of other parents, this is not uncommon, but seems to get lost in the therapy, tantrums, stimming and so forth.

Which is tragic.

So, here's some advice to your kids from the Redhead:

* Gummi Bears, when squashed into a sticky mountain, make an excellent addition to any carpet or hardwood floor. My Little Pony, trucks and stuffed animals stay put when you put them on it. For advanced players, add toothpaste for lava...

* Some words sound like other words. "Fork", "funk" and "sheet" can cause Mommy to glare at Daddy, which is hilarious...

* When asleep, little brothers make excellent Sharpie tigers.

* Slick tiles + water from sippie cup + Daddy's big feet = hours of laughter!

* If you curl your toes just right, you can prevent almost any shoe from getting on your feet...stare at Daddy's face when you do this.

* Shakes or soup? Still working out which makes better bubbles...

* The trick to fake sleeping is loud, steady breathing. Usually only takes 2-3 minutes for Daddy to believe you. Wait another 15 minutes for him to get comfortable or fall asleep, then "LA LA L-LA LA LAAAAA!"

* Fart on Daddy's lap. Seriously. Then laugh and run away.

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