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Thursday, February 7, 2013


New Year, new month, new day, new hour, new minute, or new second...changes happen moment by moment. 

I imagine people use the yearly milestone to refresh expectations, goals, and hopes. This is fair, I suppose. It just doesn't seem realistic in an autistic world. 

Of course, you can definitely make long-term goals (see: IEP), but we all know that they are mostly ethereal and don't have an immediate place in a minute-by-minute environment.

So, what to do about the trend of New Year's Resolutions? Hmm...

I resolve to be more patient. Not only with my family and friends, but with all of those people who judge, condemn and condescend.

I resolve to try to be healthier. This seems like the standard resolution, but mine is not for a bathing suit or date night. No, mine is to be around longer for my daughter...she needs her Daddy and I need to respect that by challenging myself to live longer.

I resolve to be the example of the man I want my daughter to marry.

I resolve to breathe when I want to grind my teeth, to smile when I want to growl, and to strangle my steering wheel less. My steering wheel didn't cut me off...

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