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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lessons from Disneyland...

* The Guest Assistance Card is a lifesaver. Much like a Fast Pass, this will get you to the front of the line which, if your child is as patient as mine, can make all the difference. 

* The Producers of the Alladin show are pretty awesome. There is a wheelchair bound lady in the cast and they incorporated her into the show beautifully. 

* The Fast Pass guy at the Cars Land racing ride is kind of a jerk. Ok, it's true, we were 10 minutes earlier than the return time indicated on the card, but he didn't need to be an ass about it. Besides, when you see a little girl drop to the ground and scream in frustration and disappointment, you might make an exception.

* The guy who works with the Fast Pass guy is pretty awesome. When he saw us on the side, my daughter now vomiting from stress, he made sure we made it through without incident. He went with us all the way to the ride.

* I can carry 75lbs indefinitely. My daughter got stressed from the crowds and wanted to be carried...all day. Between the backpack, full of medicine, clothes and food, and my daughter's squirmy body, my arms, shoulders and back got a wicked workout.

* Small World is evil. It seems every time I enter that ride, it breaks down while I am in there. Did you know it's a small world after all? I do.

* The diner in Tomorrowland is a great place to watch the fireworks. Seriously. No crowds, you get to sit comfortably and eat dinner.

* Several places are shutdown during and after the fireworks. In our case, the Peter Pan ride and Pinnochio. It takes the fire dept 50 minutes to check after the show.

* Have a plan. We knew exactly where we were going and was able to prep my daughter all along the way. Outside of Carsland and the 40 minutes after the fireworks, it was all good.

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