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I am a road-worn father of an amazing autistic daughter and NT son. I started this blog to provide information, a sounding board and a voice for fathers of autistic children.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Looking In...

Pssst...are you in there?

I know you can hear me, because you smile when I say the words "tickle" or "pickle", but your eyes are far away. 

Where do you go, I wonder? 

Are there unicorns there? Do they dance just for you? 

Am I allowed to dance with them, with you, too? I really would love to dance with you...

Are you conquering an evil Warlord or solving the riddle of the Universe? I bet you could, all on your own. You have superpowers, remember?

You are so strong, so wise, and so smart. You challenge my intellect and stretch me to limit. A limit I didn't even know I have.

Are you coming out today? Can my daughter come out and play? ...please...

I love you so much. You must know that, because you're always listening and I tell you every day.

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