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Thursday, February 7, 2013


Sharing. We teach our children to share: their toys, a tasty snack, a kind word or two. 

Today's share was a different kind. One that I know all of you have received from your children more than once. 


Yup, my daughter showed her love, affection and generosity by sharing her sore throat, headache and fever with me. You see, she is starting to be on the mend, but felt that this viralgoodie was too delicious not to give to Papa.

I knew it was going to happen. She had sneezed on me quite a bit earlier in the week but was well enough for Disney, so I thought we were out of the woods.

Oh no, the Redhead is far too sneaky for that. She knew. I could tell by the slight smirk that she had a doozy for Daddy.

So, SuperMommy has a sniffling girl, a needy boy and a 200lb baby to take care of. I am grateful she is up to the task, but wary of the "gift" knocking her out too.

We need her.

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