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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Princess Class...

I took my daughter to a Disney Princess class today. Basically, it's a theater class for 5-8 year-olds where they dress up as Disney Princesses and rehearse to perform a show. 

Although she was clearly different than the other girls in the class, there was no mistaking the positive differences. 

My daughter was fearless. 

As a former performer, I can tell you that almost every performer I have met is insecure. In fact, it is this insecurity that drives us to seek the attention and affection of complete strangers.

My daughter couldn't possibly care less what others thought of her. She heard the music and started singing along as if the song was written for her. Which, to her, it was.

It was when she started dancing across the stage while belting out a chorus that the other girls in the class started smiling and wanting to dance with her. Their fear and embarrassment kept them attached to their chairs.

This all happened before class even started and this was the first class.

At the break, all of the girls danced and sang together on stage. Their fear and insecurity minimized by a spunky little redhead who showed them the way.

And, yes, Daddy was up there singing and dancing Princess songs too.

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